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AFK Arena – Novice Guide

Thanks for visiting AFK Arena’s beginners guide – Diamonds

AFK Arena is definitely an idle RPG game, that you will collect and progress, and ascend a number of various heroes. To get far sufficient, lets say, within the Marketing campaign or inside the King’s Tower (check structures guide), you will have to develop and supply these Heroes over enough time.

Don’t tension, it’s pretty normal to have trapped at times, just continue to keep gathering your afk rewards occasionally and keep battling, lead to will for sure beat them. Also, consider promo codes and activities.

These will rewards you with plenty of cool things, including summoning Scrolls, free Diamonds and even heroes.

In this particular manual, I will talk about a really essential currency within the activity as well as the ideal way to use them.


First of all, Diamonds in AFK Arena are a type of money that you could check in the top right part of the activity screen. These are utilized to buy a number of information, such as gear, Hero’s Heart and soul, augmentation tokens and even more importantly hero summons.

There are many methods for you to get these diamonds:

  • when you can devote real money, simply get them inside the go shopping, there are tons of pretty good offers and subscriptions
  • you can aquire diamonds by going trough the marketing campaign (each 4 stages)
  • you may get them in king’s tower in every single phase you overcome
  • promo codes or occasions give you a great deal of free diamonds
  • finishing every day, marketing campaign and weekly quests will incentive you a lot of diamonds
  • the designers, would really gift idea a lot of diamonds to your mailbox, every time the web servers are down for maintenance, or even for bug fixes and errors:
  • every time you collect a hero, you are able to visit your heroes tab, and then accumulate 100 diamonds for each new hero you summoned inside the portraits tab
  • inside the Walls of Legends (verify structures information) you are able to collect them too, each time a new gamer gets to a certain amount of ladder points
  • Arcane Labyrinth (check out buildings guide)
  • in peaks of time, each and every journey will incentive you diamonds also
  • you may get every day and period benefits through the arena

As you can see, there are plenty of ways on acquiring diamonds in this game, i shown 10 of them, but there are other. Just always keep accumulating those diamonds. Should you be free to perform, I suggest spending them in The Noble Tavern. You can get 10 summons for 2700 diamonds (300 cheaper).

Fins the latest Code lists here – AFK Arena Redemption Code List – January 2020 (Updated)


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